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Classic Sales Alert

Are you searching for a car and having no luck? Some classic cars are very rare in numbers and will sell very quickly when they come to market.

Others might be plentiful in supply but finding a car that looks good enough to view can mean trawling through a whole host of media whether it be internet sites dedicated to car sales, Ebay, auction lists or within one of the many magazines dedicated to the hobby, it all takes time and money.

We have an extensive range of contacts and sometimes we see cars that never make it to market. Our extensive search facility can find you a car long before other potential buyers have the opportunity to see the car you are seeking.

Our systems can be programmed to send alerts when cars become available and we can send you e-mail alerts or even a text when a car you are seeking comes onto the market. We can be another set of eyes and potentially give you the edge when a car that meets your requirements does become available.

SMS Alerts

SMS and Email alerts straight to your phone for all cars for sale that meet your criteria.

Only £5 a month

SMS alerts and email alerts straight to you for just £5 per month, no minimum contract.

The right contacts

We have an extensive range of contacts and sometimes we see cars that never make it to market.

Our service costs just £5 per month and for that you will receive an e-mail alert whenever a car that meets your requirements comes up for sale. Subscription periods can be from just one month and you can cancel at any time.

It is a small price to pay to gain an edge if you have a busy lifestyle and are looking for a car that is proving hard to find. To sign up today, simply fill in the form below and select your method of payment and we will do the rest.

Sales Alert Order Form

Enter your details below, we will use these for contacting you via text/email as preferred. Once all details have been entered click on confirm order and you will be taken through to our payment pages.

Vehicle Details

Enter the criteria for the car you are interested in buying.


* We will take this number as the maximum advertised price you will consider.

Your Requirements:

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