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Classic Car Inspections

If you are buying a classic car it will inevitably mean spending a large amount of money. With any classic car, even a restoration fresh car, there can be hidden issues that are not always that easy to spot, especially if you are not mechanically minded. It is hard to beat jacking a car up and getting underneath it prior to agreeing a price which is exactly what an expert inspection engineer will do.

At CCI we always advise anyone buying a classic to have an independent inspection carried out by a fully qualified expert engineer. For the sake of a relatively small sum compared to what you are about to spend on your purchase it simply makes total sense to ensure you have not missed anything and to ensure there are no hidden nasties and costs.

The savings can literally be thousands if you avoid a bad car and armed with a thorough engineering report the chances are you will have sufficient bargaining power to get a reduction in the price which more than saves on the money you have spent on your inspection.

We hear stories every week about people that have bought a car, in many cases unseen during the current pandemic, only to find out there are issues that have not been described in the sale information or worse still a misleading statement has been made.

Issues such as accident damage and hidden sub-standard repairs can be identified with an inspection report and issues such as correct chassis and engine numbers can also be checked. Don’t leave it to chance, get the facts from a thorough inspection by a qualified expert engineer and you will be able to sleep well ahead of the arrival of your new purchase.

How can CCI Help?

We work with all the major reputable and qualified engineers across the country and also Ireland. Simply complete the form below with details of your proposed purchase and we will get you a quote from the best engineer closest to the location of your car which we will do for FREE and without obligation.

This saves you the hassle of finding an expert engineer with a first-class reputation. Avoid making an expensive mistake and simply complete the form below and we will do the rest.


Classic Car Inspection

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