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About Classic Car Intelligence

CCI provides classic car owners and prospective owners with years of valuation and sales data relating to a variety of makes and models. The objective of the site is to provide guidance to people seeking to buy a car or invest in the market, either privately or via classic car auctions. It also helps sellers to look at previous sales data as a guide to valuing their own car.

The idea behind Classic Car Intelligence was born out of a desire to build a history of some of the more important classic cars that populate our hobby. This is in many respects to serve current and future classic car owners whether they are researching a car they own or perhaps thinking of buying or selling a classic.

By compiling our historical database of cars that come to market we hope to make the buying and selling of cars easier whilst also providing owners the opportunity to research the history of their car.

We have primarily focused on higher value and rare classics as this is where we feel we can add value to an owner or prospective owners. However, we have also tried to focus on some of the more popular classics so that we can monitor price trends and help both buyers and sellers to identify the correct market value for their car.

This is a long term project that is being worked on by enthusiasts who are out helping to compile data of cars they see so that we can build something that is used by future generations. The site is not about generating profits it is about generating a comprehensive resource that will become something that is used and contributed to by the classic car community.

We need to preserve the heritage of our cars and make sure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy. The classic car market has moved so fast since 2008 that understanding and identifying current price trends can be difficult unless you are watching the market every day. That is what we are doing and our objective is to help you as a classic car owner or prospective owner.

What we do.

First and foremost we want to present a website that is interesting and useful for the classic car community.

We are also rather lucky in that this means we get to attend many events throughout the year so that we can report on them and also continue the work of building our database.

By creating a content rich site that is free to use we hope that we will inspire others to provide photographs and data on cars so that we can build a very comprehensive database and resource.

What we sell.

In order to fund the growth of the site we need to earn some revenue which we do by selling our historical sales reports. You can check via our home page if we have any data on a car that is of interest to you.

Alternatively, you might want a report on a particular make and model of car and we will send you any data on price trends, historical sales of that car and any other information or links which we feel may be of assistance. We will squeeze as much information as we can into our report for you.

Why buy a report.

The motives for buying our reports vary. It may be that you are looking at a potential purchase and can see that we have some historical sales data relating to that car. It can be interesting to see what a car has been advertised at in the past and how its price has appreciated.

You might also want to see what other cars have been on the market in recent times and what their asking price has been. At the very least it can provide you with some confirmation that the price you are paying is similar to recent market trends. Overpaying for a classic is a real risk in a market that is changing rapidly.

At the other extreme when selling a classic you want to make sure you identify what it is worth. In a rapidly changing market place where double digit annual price increases are a frequent occurrence it can be all too easy to under-price and sometimes over-price your car.

Our report fee of £69.95 could well save you considerably more than the investment you make in accessing the data we hold.

Who we help

The data we hold is not just being used by private buyers or sellers but also by dealers.

If you are a dealer we can offer you a competitive monthly package that gives you the ability to list your cars for sale on our site, but also have access to our database so that you can see what data we have on any cars that you might be buying or selling.

We have, for example, helped dealers to identify classics that have been on the market for some time and avoid cars that have perhaps been mispriced and have sat on the market for too long.

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